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The weather is changing and summer is coming: time to go out! Get a breath of fresh air on the beach, visit shops or stroll along the longest boulevard in the Netherlands in Vlissingen.

With the well-known boulevard as the main attraction of the city, Vlissingen breathes tranquility. A perfect place to catch your breath after a busy period at work and recharge your battery. Be sure to bring your partner, friends or family and enjoy it together.


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People from all over the country go to Vlissingen to relax alongside the sea. If you prefer something active, you can also go cycling through the dunes or visit the Arsenal Museum, the largest pirate park in the Netherlands. Whatever you need, it is certainly worthwhile to book a weekend away to this city in Zeeland.

A good holiday break naturally includes an overnight stay in a suitable hotel. Would you like to spend the night close to the shops in the city, or would you prefer an ocean view? Whatever your choice, Vlissingen has a wide range of hotels. Yet there are only a few that really stand out.


Vlissingen has a large number of hotels with a view of the Westerschelde, including Hotel-Restaurant Solskin, less then 200 meters away from the beach. A unique experience! It gets better: booking through our official website means you'll always pay the lowest possible price.


Solskin means sunshine in the Danish language. As an ode to it's motherland, at Hotel Solskin, you'll find the Danish flag waving in the wind. 

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